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Are you planning to have dinner with your romantic partner, family, or friends? Check out this post to know the best dinner spots in Montreal!

Going out to dinner with your family and friends is an excellent way to get rid of your day-to-day life’s hustle and bustle. Not only does this gives you an opportunity to spend quality time with your loved ones, but it also enables you to interact and socialize.

It is always nice to smile, laugh, chit-chat, and enjoy while forgetting your life stressors. So, we believe going out to dinner in Montreal is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle. There are numerous restaurants in Montreal for dinner.

However, choosing the right one that best suits your savoury needs and aligns with your budget is a daunting task. The good news is that we have compiled a list of the best dinner spots in Montreal. Read on!

1. Jardin Nelson

Jardin Nelson is our top pick for a reason. First, it has an excellent atmosphere that will soothe your mind and tranquil your heart. Located in Old Montreal, Jardin Nelson has state-of-the-art garden seating with live background music to lift your spirit while you eat your favourite meal.

The restaurant offers a diverse menu with different options, meaning you can choose the food depending on your taste and mood. In addition, it is one of the fanciest restaurants in Montreal that is worth your time and money, especially on weekends.

At Jardin Nelson, you can enjoy non-vegetarian, vegetarian, and 100% vegan food at the most affordable prices. The authentic flavours, fresh ingredients, friendly staff, and nice red wine makes this one of the best dinners spots in Montreal.


Do you look like Japanese food? If yes, Gyu-Kaku is a must-go spot in Montreal for dinner. Although the restaurant has recently launched its operations in Montreal, it has quickly become popular, thanks to mouthwatering Barbeque.

Gyu-Kaku has equipped each table with a grill, allowing you to cook your own veggies, chicken, and meat. Thus, you can create Japanese food scene memories with your family or friends. Make sure you reserve your table in advance.

3. La Khaima

La Khaima is one of the best dinners spots in Montreal, offering Spanish, North African, and South African food. The restaurant invites everyone in Montreal, including locals and tourists, to warm their souls in the cozy atmosphere and relish the food made with freshly sourced ingredients.

Although the restaurant offers a plethora of items on the menu, you must try their specialty — “Cous-Cous,” a delicious food served with olives, roasted peppers, and tender chicken. La Khaima also has some of the best wine options. You can also bring your own wine. We believe it is a perfect place to share laughs with your loved ones.

4. Toque

Everyone knows the significance of Toque in Montreal, a place serving locals and tourists for over 30 years. Toque has gained a monumental reputation in Montreal, thanks to the comfortable and vibrant atmosphere that allows diners to relish the gastronomic excellence and satisfy their savoury and sweet tooth.

Besides, Toque offers various dinner menus, but nothing parallels the tender disc of suckling pig loin served with broccoli, mushrooms, oysters, and green herb oil. Besides, the lemon thyme sauce makes you crave more. Once you eat the food, you will want to come back again and again because everything on the menu is a feast for your taste buds.

5. Restaurant Bonaparte

Restaurant Bonaparte started its banquet operations in Montreal 30 years ago. Hundreds of people, including families, friends, and romantic couples, visit this place to enjoy mouthwatering French food.

The restaurant makes substantial efforts to bring creativity, deliciousness, and hygiene to its food items. You can’t simply resist the tasty French food and other items on the dinner menu.

Although numerous items are on the menu, we recommend trying lobster bisque with ginger, mixed green salads with parmesan cheese and pine nuts, homemade smoked salmon with truffle oil, and goat cheese dough with sherry, tomato, and almond.

You must also taste the delicious shrimps and scallops with mouthwatering vanilla flavour. Besides, many people visit this restaurant to eat mushroom ravioli flavoured with fresh sage. ‍The restaurant has a friendly staff and cozy atmosphere.

Final Words

Having dinner with your friends or family in Montreal’s restaurant is one way to relieve life stressors, enjoy scrumptious food, and share laughs. Make sure you reserve your table in advance because these restaurants are crowded with food lovers throughout the week.

  • Article based on personal opinion and research.
  • Photos from Unsplash.


Originally published at on December 11, 2021.




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