Best Ice Fishing Spots in Montreal | Ice fishing hot spot in Montreal

Where is the best place to fish in Montreal?

The best ice fishing spots in Montreal give you an opportunity to have fun by catching and eating fish while staying warm and cozy. Learn more!

Montreal, also known as the Paris of North America, is famous for its vibrant culture, scenic beauty, festivals, events, restaurants, attractions, and outdoor activities. Hundreds of thousands of people visit Montreal every year to relish the unique combination of North American and European history, culture, art, infrastructure, and lifestyle.

Montreal and the surrounding areas are one of the best places in Canada for winter vacations, allowing you to enjoy snow-covered landscapes with beautiful and striking scenery. The outdoor activities are limitless, from snowshoeing, skiing, and snowmobiling to hiking, fat biking, and ice fishing.

Whether you are a local or tourist, you can’t simply stay in your home or hotel room in Montreal because the winter months are the best time to relish ice fishing, a fun, adventurous, and one-of-a-kind activity. Here are some of the best ice fishing spots in Montreal. Read on!

1. Mont Tremblant

Mont Tremblant is an ideal place near Montreal to enjoy winter activities with your family or friends. Ice fishing is one of the best outdoor activities near Mont Tremblant for locals and tourists. Once ice fishing was a means of survival for native people in Canada, it has become a staple activity for Canadians and tourists who visit Montreal.

Just 20 minutes from the Mont Tremblant ski resort, there is a frozen lake at the foot of the icy mountains where you can catch fish. We recommend taking a guided tour to get the most out of your experience.

The guide will provide you with necessary supplies, including the permit and equipment to catch perches, pikes, and other fish species. The guide will also set up a heated tent to ensure you stay warm and safe after catching the fish.

2. Kanatha-Aki Nature Activity Center

Kanatha-Aki Nature Activity Center is one of Montreal’s best ice fishing spots. Not only does it offer you an opportunity to explore the wilderness in the surrounding areas, but it is also an ideal spot for dog sledding, zip-lining, wood bison observation, horseback riding, and ice fishing.

What’s more authentic and heartwarming than catching fish in a picturesque site nestled in the majestic Laurentian Mountains? We recommend taking a guided tour if this is your first time experiencing ice fishing near Montreal.

You can use tip-ups, a unique fishing method to catch fish. The guide will help you drill a hole in the ice to catch rainbow trout, perches, or Burbot fishes. You can take the fish home or cook it up on the spot.

3. Peche Vieux Montreal

Peche Vieux, Montreal, is another fantastic spot for ice fishing, attracting hundreds of families and friends on sunny days during the winter months. Whether a beginner or experienced angler, this is the best place to catch fish species like carp, pike, bass, walleye, and monster sturgeon.

Spending a day at Peche Vieux, Montreal, will create memories, and you will remember this adventurous experience for a long time. Take a guided tour to get the most out of your experience.

The guide will provide you with fishing equipment, including the bait, to easily catch the fish. Besides, you can stay at the heated shelter to mitigate the cold temperature, cook the fish on the spot, and enjoy it with your family and friends.

4. Lake of Two Mountains

Lake Of Two Mountains is near the city of Montreal and is home to various fish species. However, the frozen lake is best known for Smallmouth Bass. However, catching it is a challenging task and requires angling skills. However, if you take a guided tour, you can catch Smallmouth Bass easily.

If you don’t like Bass, the good news is that Lake Of Two Mountains has other species you can catch. These include Northern Pike, Muskies, and Walleye fish. Many people visit the place during the summer season because it is relatively easier to catch fish.

However, if you want to experience adventure and fun, we recommend ice fishing during the cold winter months. In addition to catching Smallmouth Bass and Northern Pikes, you will love hunting for the Sturgeon.

5. Centre de Peche La Madeleine

Centre De Peche La Madeleine is one of the best ice fishing spots in Montreal during the winter months. Thanks to the frozen water, you will drive straight to the river and arrive at the cabin to equip yourself with all the necessary tools and supplies to catch fish.

Although you can bring your own equipment or tools, you can rent them at the most affordable price. There are different size cabins, depending on the number of people. Each cabin includes a wooden table, benches, and a fireplace.

So, when you set up the fishing equipment, another family member or friend will light up the fire to keep everyone warm and safe. Centre De Peche La Madeleine is ideal near Montreal to catch various fish species, including muskies, pikes, and perches.

Final Words

Montreal, Canada, offers anglers plentiful access to different fish species. Whether you want to catch perch, smallmouth bass, pike, crappie, Sturgeon, or any other species, these best ice fishing spots in Montreal are a must-go for everyone. Until Next Time!

  • Article based on personal opinion and research.
  • Photos from Unsplash.

Originally published at on December 8, 2021.



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